Kooky Cats

Making a feline-fanatical tabletop game in collaboration with Jean Jullien.

Working as Yolky Games, the two of us developed and created Kooky Cats – a cat collecting tabletop game featuring over 50 quirky and close-knit cats brought to life by Jean Jullien. It’s a bit like Happy Families meets Go Fish, but where all the fish have been eaten by cats, and instead of being happy, the families are all a bit bonkers.

Other than the creation, art direction and product development of the game itself, we also launched the game on Kickstarter – creating the campaign, social ads, and securing key PR moments.

The game hit 250% of its target with almost half a thousand backers from across the world, and you'll soon be able to get it yourself here.

© 2021 Alice Lengereau and Joel Davies